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How To Host A Cookie Decorating Party For Kids

How To Host A Cookie Decorating Party For Kids

How to Host a Successful Cookie Decorating Party For Kids + @KrogerCo $50 Gift Card Giveaway


I will be the first to admit that doing anything with your kids takes a lot of patience. That’s okay, right? Add a large dose of patience to this cookie decorating party and it is going to be awesome. If you plan on hosting a cookie decorating party at your house, you need these tips.

Make a list and check it twice

I love that my neighborhood Kroger has everything I need to help make this decorating cookie party a success! When it comes to doing something successfully, you need convenience but most importantly a list. When it comes to any cookie decorating party that I’m throwing, I am going to get everything in place before I have the kids start. Repeat after me, make a list, check it twice, and everything will turn out nice! Make sure to have all the sprinkles and cookie decorating supplies out, so everything is ready when the kids get there.

How to host a successful cookie decorating party

Do a little prepping before hand

What I love about the cookie decorating parties that I throw, is I do a lot of work beforehand, so I can enjoy time with my kids. I pre-bake my cookies before the kids get there. This makes decorating less stressful on the kids and myself. For easy decorating — put icing in clear ketchup bottles for squeezing.

How to host a successful cookie decorating party

If there is no time for baking, then you may want to consider a gingerbread cookie premade kit instead.

How To Have A Successful Cookie Decorating Party

Make sure you have festive to go containers on hand

Beware of the sugar cookie high your guests will have after ingesting a ton of sugar cookies. Make sure they take some home with them! To solve this problem, I always have festive to go containers ready for the kids. Our guests love plopping their pretty festive cookies in these containers to take home with them.

How to host a successful cookie decorating party

Don’t forget to enjoy your cookies with some delicious hot chocolate!

I love that my neighborhood Kroger has everything I need to help make this decorating cookie party a success!

Make cleanup a breeze

You know what my favorite part of having a cookie decorating party with kids is? When I can take all the trash and roll it up in the disposable table cloth and throw everything away, it’s a good day! An easy cleanup is the key to a stress-free cookie decorating party!

There you have it, my tips for having a successful cookie decorating party with kids. I love do to these parties before the holidays and my kids love them too.

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What are your secrets to a successful cookie decorating party with kids? Lay your best tips on me!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kroger. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • Stacey says:

    Love the premade cookies, but making them is also fun to do with the kiddos! This party looked like a lot of fun!

  • ann says:

    making sure that have you have extra of everything

  • Will G says:

    Make sure you have all of the supplies ahead of time 🙂

  • Evangelina says:

    Use food coloring to tint the frosting and place in piping bags. You can also use a sandwich bag and snip the corner. It makes decorating cookies easier!

  • Paula Adams says:

    I already have a cookie-making day planned one day next week with the little girl in our family! Fun, fun, fun! Always messy (lots of sprinkles end up on the floor), but always a great family activity!

  • Josh Lippman says:

    Shopping list to make sure you have everything you need

  • Janice Dean says:

    Oh boy, all I can say is have lots of paper towels on hand.

  • Carol Johnson says:

    Have extra “to go” supplies for those who don’t have any or forgot to bring something .

  • Jeannie says:

    This gave me some great ideas! Will be baking this week.

  • Leslie W says:

    I always have each family bring two ingredients for toppings and we make sure no one brings the same. Then we have quite the assortment of toppings and it’s more reasonable budget wise for everyone.

  • KV says:

    I try to prepare food beforehand so I can enjoy time with my family.

  • Annmarie W. says:

    Make sure you have plenty of icing & decorations to go around! Nothing worse than every guest trying to wait patiently for the icing!

  • HS says:

    I make sure have extras and all ingredients ready to go for more.

  • Alison V says:

    Make extra icing and freeze for later, then you just have to thaw!

  • Barbara says:

    lots of patience

  • Louly says:

    Put newspaper down so you don’t make spills directly on the counter

  • Purchase extra to make sure no wasting time having to go back to the store

  • Dandi D says:

    I would like to suggest having plenty of snacks to much on while you are decorating goodies!

  • Stephanie Barron says:

    Sadly, we don’t do a lot of cookie decorating. We use cookie cutters, that’s as far as the decorating goes. I am sure my daughter would love it. With your helpful tips it will be less stressful ;( for me.

  • Anastasia says:

    Have fun with it!! If you’re getting too caught up in the precision, then you’re doing it wrong! Have a good time 🙂

  • mami2jcn says:

    Get the kids involved for extra fun!

  • Philip Lawrence says:

    Have plenty of washable bibs for them to wear.

  • David Heath says:

    I try to prepare food beforehand so I can enjoy time with my family

  • Gal Colleen says:

    I would have an alternate activity to do for those kids that don’t enjoy the cookies

  • Becky Boden says:

    I love baking with the kids!!

  • Soha Molina says:

    Have plenty of platters around to share the cookies.

  • Nicole Martin says:

    Stay organized and keep messes to a minimum.

  • Jeri Smith says:

    Definitely make the cookies prior to the decorating party

  • Mindi Eden says:

    Have everyone bring their cookie making gear!

  • Rachel says:

    My tip is to prep as much as you can ahead of time and don’t go overboard with supplies.

  • Tammy says:

    Pre-planning and put cheap table clothes down on all working surfaces. Then you can just roll up all the trash and throw it all away quickly.

  • sarah says:

    limit the number of kids that come

  • CJ Queen says:

    Had a great cookie party on Saturday and the kids and adults had a great time. It snowed.

  • Cheryl says:

    Make dough in advance and put frosting in condiment bottles.

  • Julie Wood says:

    Have an easy cookie recipe to try, cover your table with white butcher paper so cleanup is easy, help kids decorate and use icing to glue on the decorations and get pretty boxes for the kids to put there cookies in.

  • Tina Nichols says:

    Thank you for having this giveaway! Have a wonderful Christmas making cookies and spending time with your family.

  • Brigitte Bauman says:

    Have a cookie exchange party. This will give you the opportunity to have a variety of cookies for your family on Christmas day.

  • Diana Bierer says:

    So fun! Good to have pack of wet wipes handy for everyone to keep their hands clean and throw away, lessens the mess for you.

  • Justine says:

    Have all the decorating items organized into seperate containers and bowls to make things easier to find.

  • Margie Papetti says:

    I have learned to use tubes of frosting instead of cans with a plastic knife in it for spreading. The knives end up in different colored cans of frosting then they started it and blobs of frosting tend to get flung off of the knives accidentally!

  • Andrea Long says:

    Make sure to have some salty snacks to help balance the palate.

  • Kathy Linklater says:

    Don’t stress if everything is not perfect. The most important part is getting together with the people you love. Okay, eating delicious cookies is a high priority too! 🙂

  • Wish I had had this article before – VERY helpful. I can’t think of anything to add.

  • Natalie says:

    My tip is to make sure that everyone brings their own tupperward or containers to take their cookies home!

  • Elena says:

    my tip is to make a list of everything you need to buy

  • Margaret P. says:

    Have pretty take home containers for everyone. I get them at local dollar store so they are affordable to stock up on.

  • Candice says:

    I would say make a list and plan ahead so you have all the ingredients ready to go.

  • Polly Hall says:

    Put a tarp down under your table and an other one on the table, so you can relax about the mess they will be making.

  • Mindy S says:

    If you use frosting in the containers, do not let the kids lick the knives and put them back into the frosting. Also, baby wipes are good to have on hand.

  • Brenda Haines says:

    Have lots of fun cookie cutters available.

  • cyndi br says:

    I use a muffin cup for an assortment of decorations and sprinkles for the cookies

  • jennifer galindo says:

    Put the different colors of frosting in separate piping bags. Easy to carry, store, and share.

  • Wendy Forbes says:

    I like to make sure that I have extra supplies on hand so I don’t have to go back out to the store.

  • shelly peterson says:

    Be prepared with all the ingredients you need and have fun!

  • Rosanne says:

    Have labels to have everything organized to work quicker

  • sandra says:

    i like to use a disposable table cloth for easier clean up

  • Susan says:

    Make sure you have everything you need. Check that list twice!!!!!

  • greentopiaries says:

    I do all of the prep the night before and setting up a workstation for each child. Thanks for the chance!

  • Angela Hendricks says:

    Make sure to have lots of candy to decorate the cookies!

  • Evans B. says:

    Make sure all the ingredients are ready and in on the table. Don’t expect perfection as kids will decorate the cookies the way they want it. Have fun, make memories.

  • phyllis owens says:

    have enough of squeezable frosting for the kids to decorate and enough little candies for buttons

  • Sherika Scott says:


  • Tiffany says:

    This is perfect, I am hosting a Christmas cookie decorating party today with my 10 year old daughter and 2 of her friends.

  • Dee Parker says:

    Have aprons for the kids (personalize them!) and second, keep a big pack of wipes on the table for the sticky hands, faces, and other areas that will arise.

  • Candace Galan says:

    Have a variety of decorations organized and in like an assembly line order.

  • Linda Wheeler says:

    Have lots of frosting and other edible decorations for the cookies!

  • bn100 says:

    get kids to helpb

  • Thoma Murphy says:

    Have lots of extra of everything.

  • Karen says:

    Plan as much prior as possible and make it easy for the kiddos by having everything out on the counter/table prior to starting – assembly line style!!

  • Kalyani N says:

    make a list and get everything ahead of time!

  • Carey Cole says:

    Let them work on labeled decorative placemats so they don’t have to move their creations when they’re finished working.

  • kathi bennett says:

    Be organized and let the kids help you, they can have jobs and help beforehand and it will be a success.

  • L Cromas says:

    Awesome, loved reading this.

  • Leigh Anne Miller Borders says:

    I would have to say my tip would be to get prepared the night before so that it is a smooth operation in the kitchen when you begin with kids.

  • heather says:

    My best tip would be to do some quick online research to get some new fresh ideas, shop early, set up the night before and let everyone help out.

  • Steve Weber says:

    My best tip is to use ingredients you never thought you’d use.

  • Tabathia B says:

    Preplan by making sure all ingredients are ready and have a liner on the counter for easy clean up

  • Tina W says:

    Prepare for a big mess!
    And if you are working with kids, don’t expect the cookies to come out looking like a magazine shoot. It’s about fun, not perfection.

  • Tee Anderson says:

    I pre measure and make sure it is super simple for my kids to help me. I make any dough that needs refrigeration the night before.

  • Dana Rodriguez says:

    Great post! I would shop with a list so you don’t forget anything and maybe get some cute ideas online.

  • laura bernard says:

    Plan ahead and have extra supplies in case of a spill or mess up!

  • Bob Lemeshka says:

    Kroger is open 24 – 7

  • Dawn Monroe says:

    I like to have an assembly line and have cookies ready for the kids to decorate. Christmas music playing is a must.

  • Erica says:

    Make a to do list.

  • Paula Brown says:

    I love shopping at Kroger. They have wonderful sales.

  • Keri justice says:

    Plan ahead. Make sure to have plenty of ingredients and decorations for the cookies.

  • Christina Z says:

    Double check your recipes especially if your trying something new I learned this last night. I would read reviews first

  • Kenia says:

    Make sure you have enough supplies. Recipe card for each kid.

  • Kristen says:

    Use small icing containers for small hands.

  • donna joyce says:

    I’ve found disposable tablecloths useful, but sometimes slippery. I use old drop cloths that are “taped” down in the corners. Washable, re-useable & Fun!

  • Wanda Banks says:

    Always have all the ingredients at hand before you begin.

  • Sarah Mayer says:

    Make sure you taste-test often to make sure the cookies are perfect!

  • Lauren says:

    I have everyone bring their own sprinkles to share.