Meet Our Family

Our family

Meet the family

We have 4 children (ages 24, 17, 11 & 9) and 5 grandchildren. We love to share about family, food, travel, & reviews. We currently reside in the suburbs of Atlanta.  Southern Family Fun consists of  hotel & travel (US & International) , food recipes,  family,  DIY/Home, upcoming & popular Atlanta area events and lastly reviews & giveaways. The family has traveled Internationally to St Lucia, St Kitts, St Marten, Bahamas, Bermuda, Japan, Korea, Germany,  Hawaii, Mexico and many more!

Winona Rogers

Hi ! I am Winona!

I am a proud wife, stay at home mom of four, & grandmother of five. I was born and raised in the South and live in Atlanta, GA .   I currently am working on my Masters in Teaching with Business concentration.  Often times you will read about some of our favorite traveling spots, vacations, & attractions. With my background in Education, I love to create every traveling opportunity into a learning experience for my children. I  also love to share about parenting, marriage, business, diy & crafty stuff, cooking, traveling, and so much more. Life is a crazy adventure to us but we are simply living life simply one day at a time and enjoying every minute. Pull up a chair & a cup of coffee or glass of wine and I hope you stay a while. You can contact me at


Mark R.

Meet my husband . He is the most amazing, kind hearted, devoted father and step-father, and extremely hard working man you will ever meet. I cannot thank God enough for placing him in my life twelve years ago. Together we proudly share a blended family. He has a an oldest daughter , a step son and together him and I share two girls . When he is not working, traveling, completing college assignments, being a devoted husband and father, you will find him keeping up with the latest ESPN highlights and supporting his home state team Tennessee VOLS football.

Samantha B.

Meet our beautiful and very bright daughter.  She is my step daughter who I have been blessed to have in my life since she was twelve years old. We have been through some challenges in our relationship but I love her like she is my very own. She has inspired me in ways that she will never fully understand. We are so proud of her for her recent accomplishments .   She currently resides in Tennessee with her husband Jeremiah & five children.

Dylan F.

Meet my handsome, super funny and talented son . He was my first born son! We have been through some growing pains together . He definitely knows how to keep me on my toes. He is an extremely talented baseball player – can play just about any position in the field. His plans are to finish highschool early and start college immediately.  In his spare time, he loves to cook!


Meet our sweet & very caring daughter . She never ceases to amaze us and has truly blossomed into a very intelligent little girl. In her spare time, she loves to read. She also recently has taken an interest in acting. When she grows up she wants to go to to college to become a Special Education teacher.


Meet our youngest daughter. What can I say about her but she acts like the BOSS around the house. She is just a sassy , fun loving, smart, comical, little girl full of oh my goodness so much energy! She has such a beautiful voice, very athletic and loves to draw.  In her spare time, she loves to play Minecraft. When she grows up she wants to become a veterinarian, a hairdresser, a teacher, a singer, soccer star, or a spy (kidding)… it changes every day!