Teaching Our Daughters Perseverance + Melody Ellison American Girl Doll

Teaching Our Daughters Perseverance + Melody Ellison American Girl Doll Giveaway

I have three daughters and as I watch my daughters grow up, I realize I want more for them in life. There is so much I want them to learn.  I know that I want my girls to never give up, especially it comes to their talents, their passions, their voice and I never want them to settle.

Melody Ellison American Girl Doll

It’s easy to give up when you have no one there supporting you. I want to always be there for my daughters. I want to show them that I am their #1 cheerleader. I never want them to have fear of doing things on their own. Perseverance comes from strength and sometimes they’ll need to pull that from ME!

When I was a kid, I wanted to give up on so many things. However, it was my mom that told me to keep going and give it my best. Giving up was an option, but I persevered and didn’t give up. I want my daughters to understand that giving up is one thing, but when they keep going, the benefits are much greater.

Melody Ellison American Girl Doll

There are lots of things that I have failed at during my life but I never gave up trying. Things may not have gone my way, but I persevered.  As parents, we need to be the example of perseverance. My daughters look up to me and I want to demonstrate that even though sometimes life gets hard, they can’t give up. I love the saying that “when things get tough, the tough get going.”

BeForever American Girl Doll, Melody Ellison

If you haven’t heard of the newest American Girl, her name is Melody Ellison. Melody Ellison’s story starts back in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement. She has an inspirational story of growing up in Detroit. Something amazing about Melody is that she possesses many talents that will encourage your girls. Melody doesn’t give up and she understands she must persevere, even when things got tough. She works hard, perseveres, and becomes an inspiration to others.

Melody Ellison American Girl Doll

Your child has so much to gain from a doll like Melody. BeForever Dolls are designed to teach girls to be bold and grow confidence in life. American Girl dolls are incredible for our girls! You will love Melody’s story. Melody is unique in so many ways because she is a special BeForever doll. Melody encourages girls everywhere to sing out for positive change.

Melody Ellison American Girl Doll

Melody Ellison is available at americangirl.com and at retail locations.  


American Girl Melody Ellison Doll + Book

American Girl is generously giving away one Melody Ellison doll and book to a lucky girl. Must be US Resident and subscriber to Southern Family Fun and American Girl newsletters for mandatory entry into this giveaway. Please refer to our giveaway rules for details. Giveaway Ends 11/30/16 at 11:59 PM Winner may be announced on Facebook but notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond.

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How can you teach your children to persevere?


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  1. amy delong says

    leading by example of how to handle things

  2. tonya parks says

    such a great doll love that it can be used as a teaching tool.

  3. Kristi Crisler says

    With 5 kids ranging from 2-16 there are a lot of personalities and each child has their own strengths and weaknesses. We try to raise them to embrace their strengths and strive to persevere through their weaknesses. Working together through a problem with a sibling is a good way to learn from each other and persevere to find a solution. Also, we try to lead by example by not giving up through the ups and downs in life.

  4. shelly says

    I teach my girls to never give up and to believe that they are capable of doung whatever they need to.

  5. Shenna says

    I’m teaching my daughter to never give up by doing it myself! I have a BA and a MA but I’m BACK in school again! She was born after I finished my degrees, so now she sees me learning more, especially as a single working parent and I hope it inspires her to keep going for any and all degrees she wants. I’m hoping she goes farther than me,for a Doctorate!

  6. Jayme Bruce says

    I try to lead by example but my kids are still very young, 2 and 5. So I let them free play and explore a lot, they have the opportunity to figure things out on their own and when they get in a situation where they need help I let them work it out on their own (as safely as possible)

  7. Kristina Potter says

    First thing that comes to mind and happens in my house with my children often.. Is they always say they cant do something, because they are a girl and, or a boy, and there too little, then too big. I tell them to NEVER, SAY NEVER. To try there best and if you fail get back up and try it again and again. I tell them that practice MAKES PROGRESS, not perfect. NOBODY IS PERFECT!! I tell them to accept, and respect what god has given them and to never give up on your hopes and dreams.

  8. Erica Golding says

    i teach my child perseverance by slowing it down, showing him how, and encouraging him.

  9. Elaine Herrera says

    By finding their own inner strength. My 6yr old is a 1 yr cancer survivor, and so that lesson had to be taught a lot! But it paid off in the end, and now we are living life to the fullest!

  10. Christian Alejandro says

    It’s important to demonstrate as adults how we want our little ones should act, including setting goals and doing what we can to achieve them.

  11. Sand says

    I teach them by example. And we read stories on overcoming obstacles!

  12. Danielle Wood says

    I teach my kids the importance of working hard and practicing. I try my best to lead by example in everything I do because they are always watching!

  13. Alicia Brown says

    I think every parent should teach their child perseverance. If they can’t learn to keep trying for what they want, they will never experience pure accomplishment and the wonderful feelings that go along with it. The best way is to lead by example and encourage them along their journey.

  14. Ina Gribbins says

    Always being an example, encourage to ask questions, never give up, and do your best is all anyone can ask!

  15. foofo says

    By modeling it

  16. Monica D says

    By letting them fail and try again. My girls aren’t always successful the first time but they learn more from their mistakes than they would if I did it for them

  17. Debbie E says

    Provide opportunity to try new experiences and provide positive encouragement and support. I try to teach that it is okay not to succeed at everything they attempt, but that if they really want to succeed then they should keep working at it.

  18. Cyndy Ann says

    Teach your children to persevere by leading by example

  19. Kelly Kriefall says

    Every day is a new day. Do not waste it, and take however many mini steps needed to achieve your goal.

  20. Autumn Jojola says

    I teach my daughters to preserve by trying my hardest to lead by example and show them that with hard work many things they think are impossible really are possible!

  21. Michelle Bartley says

    I want my Granddaughters to know if they keep reaching for the stars they can become anything they want to be!!

  22. Heather says

    I definitely model it, as well as talk with her daily on issues. I also stop movies and shows and discuss how the character over came obstacles and how she can apply that way of thinking to everything she does.

  23. Kathy says

    Tell my kids to go after they dreams and try they best to reach they goals.

  24. Nancy W. says

    I teach my daughter to set a series of goals and I teach her that there is work to meet them. Setting goals and attaining them along the path to the bigger goal helps with her confidence which in turn helps her attain her goals!

  25. Nadia Martin says

    I ask them to set themselves a goal that would like to achieve and to work hard toward that particular goal and to never give up.

  26. Doris Taylor says

    I teach my children and grand children that to persevere you must first know and love yourself, If you love yourself there is nothing you can’t overcome. Always share and spread love, kindness goes a long way.

  27. Gail Lindsey says

    I point out times that they succeeded in the past by persevering!

  28. carol n says

    By teaching to never give up, to reach for there dreams.. nothing is impossible

  29. Susan Campbell says

    I think you can teach your children to persevere by leading by example and acknowledging all their good works.

  30. Leslie Waters says

    We have four children and having them work and play with their grandparents is a great way to persevere time, memories and influence of the things they have learned in life.

  31. Cathy Thompson says

    I teach my daughter and granddaughter by example first and foremost. They (children) learn what they live and they never miss anything. And I also strive to make sure my daughter and granddaughter know that there is nothing in the way of their hope and dreams, they CAN be anything they wish just never give up!

  32. beth minton says

    I teach my grandaughter to allways reach for her dreams. If she can dream it she can be it!

  33. mami2jcn says

    I tell my daughter never to give up and keep trying.

  34. Annmarie W. says

    We have taught our kids from Day 1 that you can’t have everything that you’d like. And that life doesn’t always go your way. But that it’s important to set goals & work towards them. Hard work is necessary, as is saving your money for big ticket items. That if you always keep your goals in mind then it’s just one step at a time to eventually reach them.

  35. Deb R. says

    I help my grandchildren learn to persevere by encouraging them to not give up but to stick with the task until reaching the end and then helping them realize how satisfying it feels to have reached the goal.

  36. Sharon Kaminski says

    Tell the kids to try to accomplish at least one thing in a day and to better yourself.

  37. Lizee McMillian says

    We teach our daughters that they can do anything they set out to do and never give up, no matter what!

  38. Lisa Coomer Queen says

    By being a strong example for them.

  39. Diane says

    We spend much of our time outside hiking, camping, I want my grandkids to have self-confidence… knowing that to try something new is an accomplishment in itself.

  40. Debra S says

    Make them work for things!!! Set a goal, let them earn money for things that ought not be considered “toys”. things like tablets, etc…. games.. if they have to make a goal and earn and save the money, it teaches them to persevere to their goal.,

  41. sharon c says

    We have to model the behaviors we want to see in our children. To teach perseverance we ourselves must persevere in spite of difficulties.

  42. MARY Ramos says

    Perseverance is met with bravery. We must teach our children to be brave and take chances. To know their worth. Confidence is key and is the 1st step to perseverance.


    I have been teaching my children that the decisions that others make do not make them (my children) who they are. Such a hard thing to do at such a young age

  44. Linda LaPoint says

    Teaching them right from wrong…that you get further in life with integrity and doing things the right way.

  45. Robin Y says

    Teach them to never give up!

  46. Nicole says

    I teach her to be independent.

  47. Janet Woodling says

    Children learn from a positive role model. I worked hard at being the best Mom that I could be.

  48. Nancy says

    I try not to nag my kids to do their homework. It teaches the responsibility so they know to pace themselves to get it done.

  49. Raymond Stone says

    In it to WIN it! Thank You!!!

  50. Saundra Bowers says

    Encouragement to help them reach small goals and teach them the importance of constant learning on how to achieve even the bigger goals by starting small.

  51. Carol P says

    I teach them by encouragement and imitation. They learn what they see from us.

  52. shannon fowler says

    I believe helping them find and acknowledge their strengths is a great way to get them to persevere.

  53. Lauriemcb says

    Knowledge is power and strength. I want my granddaughters to be strong women as they grow up.

  54. Sandra Mace says

    Keep a positive attitude when they fail the first time with something.

  55. Annie Johnson says

    By teaching them that they are beautiful and worthy of love.

  56. Annie Johnson says

    By teaching them that they are worthy of love

  57. Christine Mayfield says

    I will teach my children to know that you do not get what you want, and will not always be first. Do you best, forget the rest!

  58. Jeanie HIcken says

    By teaching them that they can’t always have their way. Things go wrong and they can’t always be right.

  59. irina says

    Follow your heart

  60. shelly peterson says

    I teach them to never give up and always do their best.

  61. Samantha says

    By leading by example.

  62. Cheryl Burns says

    follow their dreams and do what they love and work for it

  63. Tiffany S says

    By teaching them to work hard to achieve all of their dreams.

  64. Beth Minyard says

    I don’t have any children but I would still love to win for my niece!

  65. Linda . says

    I encourage her to set goals so she will have something to work and strive towards.

  66. Rania R says

    Always follow your dreams and work hard,

  67. Eva Mack says

    Teach it by doing it

  68. susan h says

    To be the best they can be, put forth their best effort, and that life may be full of disappointments but that there is always something good to be found

  69. Christi E says

    I teach my daughter that the only thing that can defeat her, is her own self. She needs to always strive to be the best at everything she tries.

  70. Milly Biscardi Voskanyan says

    It’s very simple…Communication! Communication, Love & Understanding, that’s all you need to raise successful, smart children. Thank you & God Bless all our children.

  71. Gina Blades says

    Remind them not to sweat the small stuff.

  72. Lacy S. says

    Truly the best way to teach children to persevere is to be a good role model. Children are always looking to you. Whether you know it or not, your actions teach children far more than your words ever will.

  73. Candace Galan says

    I make sure my children know that they can be whatever they want and to get through road blocks.

  74. Cathy Philipps says

    I teach my granddaughters to always treat everyone with respect and kindness and always remember o be the best person yo can be every day

  75. Megan Carey says

    We do it by other people in our lives, including dolls (books), TV shows, and overall just being a positive role model.

  76. Sue Spence says

    My Oldest daughter is teaching my two grandchildren very good values and making sure they are always kind, and is a great role model for her children.

  77. Rena Walter says

    I teach them to have patience, good things come to those that wait.

  78. Louly says

    You can teach them to preservere by introducing positive role models and setting the example yourself.

  79. Tee Anderson says

    I teach them by example. I teach them right from wrong and tell them to do their best. No one is perfect and we learn from our mistakes. I praise them every chance I get.

  80. Noelle Carroll says

    By not letting them give up, by showing them that I wont give up and that I will help and teach them and guide them but I wont do everything for them

  81. Rija says

    I teach my kids to never give up and to follow their dreams !

  82. Ilona says

    I taught my children persevere my example.

  83. Jenny Q. says

    I try to teach my daughter to believe in herself.

  84. Kelly D says

    I can teach my kids by leading through example and by always encouraging them.

  85. vickie couturier says

    they have discovered that hard work will pay off and they can at least try and see if they can do it or not

  86. Janine McNally says

    Don’t allow everything to be easy for them. Make them work for it!

  87. Sher says

    by encouraging long term goals

  88. Holly Benjamin says

    Life is full of teachable moments. Perseverance is set by example. I don’t give up. My daughter doesn’t give up even when it is hard because she knows that it is good to have challenge. We all might grumble through it but finishing is the best!

  89. Tiffany Whittington says

    I teach them to follow their dreams and never give up.

  90. LYNN ESTEP says

    I taught my daughters that it’s okay to fail, not okay to not try!

  91. Kimg says

    I teach by example and by teaching her that God is always with her wherever she goes and as long as she has God on her side she can accomplish anything.

  92. Jessica says

    I teach my daughter it is ok to fail but to always get back up and be strong

  93. Karen Bennie says

    To never back down, be who they are..and be proud of who they are!

  94. Adrianne B says

    I can teach (and model) perseverance by giving my daughter the opportunity to fail and allowing her the opportunity to try again and be reflective.

  95. ellen beck says

    Teaching perseverance is done by example. When you have failed, get up and try again. Keep trying, and instill in your children to reach as high as they are able.

  96. Andrea C says

    By teaching them to respect all people and that everyone is worth loving!

  97. Rana Durham says

    i teach them to not give up and to believe in themelves. i also lead by example.

  98. Sherril McGann says

    I have taught my children and will teach my grandchildren to persevere and to not give up by modeling it in my own life.

  99. KATHRYN TEEL says

    by teaching them patience, to keep trying at things, and to never give up

  100. Rosanne says

    The best way to teach is by example. When the see us trying over and over again and persevering they will learn to model that behavior.

  101. Whitney wilson says

    Lead by example.

  102. Ruth says

    By example and continuing to work hard even when it is not fun or easy.

  103. Natalie G. says

    Teaching by example is the best way.

  104. Stephanie Phelps says

    I am trying to teach them that they are strong and if at first you do not succeed you just have to keep trying. Never say never and always go for your dreams no matter how big or small!

  105. Marilyn says

    You can teach your daughters to never give up their dreams and desires. Their goals are genuine. Never give up.Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. Karen Propes says

    We always stress that you can accomplish anything you try to do. You have to reach your goals a little at a time, but keep striving for what you want to do. Do what makes you happy and you will always enjoy your life. We talk in detail about these things. Sometimes you don’t get exactly what you want, but all the information you learned along the way can be used later with something else. I don’t want them to think they can just go out and go to the chief CEO of any company, but the journey is an accomplishment.

  107. Meagan N Nelms says

    I teach my children to persevere through leading by example. I show them in my own life that you have to keep moving forward even when it is tough.

  108. sarah says

    keep trying

    1. sarah says

      don’t ever give up. perseverance will pay off

  109. Rob Hestar says

    Be kind to others and never give up even when things get their darkest!

  110. Cacee says

    By speaking life, by leading, by showing compassion.

  111. Lesley F says

    To do the best you can and feel good about what you do

  112. Donna W. says

    I try and set an example!!

  113. Michelle Richardson says

    I teach my daughter the value in fixing things not throwing things away. We also love to discuss how things worked and ran historically.

  114. Sarah says

    I try to lead by example. Where there is a will, there is a way.
    My daughter has Melody’s picture cut out of the catalogue. Getting her would be a dream!

  115. Josh Lippman says

    I always try to instill those core values in my children. Never to give up and that things are all things are possible with effort

  116. Meredith Miller says

    We keep reminding her she can do anything, and to speak up for what she believes in.

  117. Tina Reynolds says

    I try and teach by example I remind her the only thing that can stop her is her. If she never gives up she can reach any goal.

  118. In the Hammock says

    To keep going no matter what and speak up for yourself and others.

  119. Linda says

    Speak up against bullying and injustice.

  120. Linda says

    Speak out against bullying and injustice.

  121. David Heath says

    By encouraging them not to quit

  122. Heather S says

    I do my best to talk with them openly and honestly often about what perseverance is. I am a nursing student so I lead by example of working hard and not giving up. 🙂

  123. Michele T says

    By teaching her to learn from her mistakes, and to use that to try again.

  124. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I believe one of the best ways to teach this is to model it. Our girls must see us preserve through the trials of life.

  125. Vanessa Richard says

    i encourage them to think for themselves but to take there time to do so

  126. Salwa Din says

    i think the best way to teach is to set goals andand put everything in a timely manner

  127. ellen beck says

    subscribed youtube as Tan’na Wings sry no box up there and my name differs. Thanks- nice videos

  128. Elizabeth Resch says

    By setting a good example

  129. Joella says

    I teach both my children to never give up and to believe in yourself. What’s in the heart will be your reflection in this world.

  130. Ashley R. says

    By learning to read a book, one page at a time. Reading can be fun but it can be challenging at first, I try to inspire my kids live for reading books and teaching perseverance by showing that one page at a time is an approach to do all things, not just with books but with everything in life. One page at a time!

  131. Saundra Bowers says

    By teaching them the real fundamental tools of life. To teach them how to rely on themselves.

  132. Bobbie Smith says

    I teach the kids to never give up. If you believe in something with all your heart, or you want to do something that you and you feel like you can, that you need to push yourself and make it happen. Not to think less of yourself, and believe you can do it!

  133. Nicole Gabler says

    By learning to slow down and tackle things as they are, not as they appear thru our stress filters.

  134. Kambrea says

    I try to teach them to persevere by example. They see my husband and I work very hard and face challenges. We do not give up and we move forward. It might not always be the outcome we hoped for, but we continue to try and not give up.

  135. Thom Pratt says

    I think adversity builds character. Too many parents want to shield their children from the world, but every challenge is a new chance to grow!

  136. Donna Cooper says

    My granddaughter is learning to be a good mother by taking good care of her babies

  137. mandi says

    by teaching them to be strong, never give up, and to always follow their dreams.

  138. Melissa T says

    I always tell my kids that all experts started as beginners

  139. aaron reck says

    By doing what I need to do everyday I can help the kids to persevere. Example is everything at least it was for me.

  140. courtney b says

    leading by example and showing them what a great mother/father is!


  141. Ken Wise says

    My granddaughter would love this

  142. connie danielson says

    by leading by example

  143. Susan S.,TN says

    By teaching them once you start something it’s ur responsibility to see it thru to the end. Learn to never give up & always try ur best.

  144. jane says

    Set a good example myself.

  145. Kelley Roach says

    I teach my girls to never give up

  146. Sarah says

    My kids are learning it just by watching our life… Sad but true.

  147. Terry Stevens says

    Teach children to persevere by your own example.

  148. Susie says

    My sweet daughter is severely dyslexic, so obviously, reading is very hard for her. But, we have been teaching her than just like building bigger muscles causes a little stretching and pain, that it is worth it in the end. Nothing worth having is without struggle or a bit of pain and effort. But, we never fail to encourage that she is capable and loved and believed in.

  149. amy stonger says

    I strive to teach perservence by setting a good example and encouraging her to follow her dreams, even if she falters never give up!

  150. Chrissy McPherson says

    The best way is to lead by example in the tough situations in your own life. They learn how to handle & react watching you.

  151. Mary Songer says

    Lead by example and use the times when they try and fail to show them that you have to keep trying. Life doesn’t give you a trophy just for showing up.

  152. John Signorelli Jr says

    Being an example to my kids. Sometimes I’m dealt a rough hand and I persevere. They see that.

  153. Katie Harris says

    By letting them try things and being their soft place if they don’t succeed.

  154. Shea Balentine says

    Children learn by example. The between we handle bad situations as they come along, they will learn to do the same in life.

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