5 Practical Dental Hygiene Tips for the Whole Family

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As my girls get older, I want them to carry good dental hygiene practices. Taking care of their teeth should be a daily routine and one that cannot be neglected. Teaching them proper dental hygiene is important, and they are old enough now to do it on their own.

This past week, I headed to Walmart to see what product would be good for our entire family and to help improve our dental hygiene. I am excited to introduce you to the sponsor for this post, DenTek®.

Here are five tips that may help you get your entire family’s dental hygiene on track.

Get your children excited! It is important to make things fun when teaching your family how to care for their teeth.

1. Brush in the morning and at night

Teaching your children to brush when they wake up and when they go to bed is important. You could even go for brushing three times a day. Morning and night seem to be a good balance for my kids since they’re not usually home during the day to brush their teeth.

2. Take care of your toothbrush

After your children finish cleaning their teeth, make sure they clean their toothbrush, too. Change out your toothbrush at least every three months.

3. Nutrition is important to dental health.

Calcium is one of the primary building blocks for healthy teeth. To help ensure that your family is getting the necessary nutrients, eat a well-balanced diet.

4. Don’t forget to floss

Just as brushing is important, so is flossing. Teaching my girls to floss their teeth is also a good reminder for myself and my husband. We get busy with everyday life and flossing isn’t always something we remember. However, since we’re focused on dental hygiene as a family we’re all getting better at flossing.

5. Make it a competition – Take the 30 Day Challenge

If there is one thing my family loves it is competition. My kids LOVE to compete with each other and with us. We decided to participate in the 30 Day DenTek® Family Floss Challenge. This challenge allowed us to really focus on our dental hygiene as a family and we all loved it.

The challenge is to floss for 30 days. Over the 30 days of flossing, we gained the habit of wanting and needing to floss every day. Sometimes flossing isn’t the first thing you remember to do, however, this challenge really helped. I think doing this challenge as a family helped my girls so much.

The DenTek® Kids Fun Flossers made the challenge fun too. The DenTek® Kids Fun Flossers helps remove food and plaque from the teeth and it fits in the kids’ mouth just right. This floss has a smaller head and the easy-to-grip handle makes flossing easy for kids. Of course, my girls loved the flavor of the floss more than anything.

During the challenge, the adults in the family used DenTek® Triple Clean Floss Picks and we fell in love. These flossers get right into between the teeth, remove food, and stimulate the gums. The textured pick helps to get in between the teeth to get them clean. The tongue cleaner is my favorite because it tickles. The strong floss doesn’t break, even in the tightest teeth, I’ve tried it between my REALLY tight teeth. The floss has an advanced fluoride coating and a mint flavor for fresh breath.

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