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How to Keep Your Pet Healthy

How to Keep Your Pet Healthy

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I am a happy pet owner to a six-year-old Shih-tzu named Buddy. He is so fun and precious! My kids love him to death and he’s a part of our everyday lives. I don’t want to just raise a dog; I want to keep my dog healthy and happy so he can be around for a very long time. For new pet owners, it may be confusing as to how you can help your pet live a healthy lifestyle. Remember that being healthy isn’t just about the physical side, but also emotional and nutritional side too.


Here are some ways you can help your pet live a healthy lifestyle:

Spend time with your pet.

I think one of the best ways you can help your pet live a healthy lifestyle is to spend quality time with him or her. We love spending time with Buddy; it is important for him emotionally.  Ways you can spend time with your pet is simply sitting down, snuggling or taking them outside for some fresh air. Our Buddy loves to play ball, Frisbee and other pet games too. You know your pet best and what they enjoy the most.

Exercise with your pet.

Not that you don’t already do this, but exercise is another great way to help your pet live a healthy lifestyle. I love this tip as well because it encourages me to get out there and exercise. Exercising is a great way for the whole family to stay healthy & active, but especially for our pets.

Include your pet in social events & activities.

It is just as important to walk your pet as it is to bring them along to social events. We always bring Buddy with us when we take the girls to the park or to baseball games etc.  When we travel we try really hard to make sure we can bring him with us. He wants to feel very much part of our family and the activities we participate in. This keeps him happy and also teaches him to be friendly to everyone.  Look at him smiling!healthy-pet-happy-home-2

Have a health plan in mind.

Pets need medical care, just like humans. You can prepare a health plan for your pet by visiting your local VET. Our vet is so good with our dog and he always lets us know what our dog needs next. It’s so nice knowing that Buddy is up to date on all of his vaccinations and is as healthy as can be.

Try an IAMS™ diet.

Something that we did recently was switch our Buddy to an IAMS™ diet and I have seen a huge difference. We use the Healthy Natural Chicken & Barley recipe. Most of you know that a healthy dog is a visibly healthy dog. I have noticed that quality food makes a big difference in making sure Buddy is healthy.  The foods from IAMS™ include vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids from fish oils, which helps to promote excellent skin and coat health.

Healthy Pet

Don’t you want the best for your pet? Go ahead and give the IAMS™ diet a try! Head to Walmart to purchase IAMS™  products for that special pet of yours.  The best thing about IAMS™, you will be 100% satisfied or your money back.




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New Pet Owners:

If you are a brand new pet owner, first of all I want to congratulate you!  Having a pet is a huge responsibility but also a privilege. Pets bring joy and new friendship. It can be overwhelming for new pet owners to remember everything so I have included a new pet owner check list for you to print out.


Other Tips:

When we do travel, sometimes bringing Buddy with us is not possible.  So it is important to make sure we leave information for our reliable sitter or pet boarding facility. For example, they would need to know what type of dog food to use and how often to feed. We always have a Pet Sitter Information Sheet filled out and readily available for them.



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  1. We are definitely picky about what we feed our dog. It cuts down on health issues later in life when you feel them the right food!
  2. Amy Desrosiers says:
    My dog Beasley loves when we bring her to family functions. Going to BBQs at my mil's house is her FAV!
  3. Love these tips! I just got a new puppy, so I can use all the tips possible. We do try to exercise with our pup every single day.
  4. This is really great info. Our dog is seven and we try our best to keep him healthy but I'm definitely going to implement alot of what is in this post. People think owning a dog is as simple as feeding it and letting it outside but so much more goes into it!
  5. It's so important to buy a great quality food for your dog. Buddy is so cute! I'm glad you can include him for so many family social events.
  6. Myteenguide says:
    We love dogs and this post is very helpful. Treating them as family is so important.
  7. Gervin Khan says:
    I walk my dog every afternoon and he likes it. I think they are really important to us so let us make them feel it.
  8. Julie Wood says:
    My dog likes the Iams dog brand of food and it is really good dog food that I give to my dog. Making sure to give the best dog food is important for a long and healthy life. Also, I always take my dog out walking and get him plenty of exercise!
  9. Leigh Anne Borders says:
    What a cute doggie! We certainly take pride in what we give our dogs. We want to give them the best!

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