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A Letter To My Teenage Son

A Letter To My Teenage Son


Writing a letter to my teen has been eye opening. While I know he is growing older, writing this brought tears to my eyes. It literally goes by so fast! I am partnering with Yoplait Go Big to encourage you to write your own letter. Sitting down and writing this letter to my son was literally one of the best things I have ever done.

To my dearest son,

Here we are, you are almost eighteen years old! It seems like just yesterday I was changing your diapers. Today, you literally hop in your own car and do your own thing. You are a teenager. You are are a Senior about to graduate.


In no time, you will be going off to college and eventually starting your own family. To this day, I cannot believe how fast time has flown.

When I close my eyes, I can picture you as a baby boy. You were literally the sweetest baby that ever graced the earth. I wanted to tell you I believe you are going to do amazing things in this lifetime.

You may not always do things the way I want you to, but you always do the right thing. I’m incredibly proud of you and everything you stand for in life. Juggling a job, college course work plus high school and helping me around the house is hard to do but somehow you manage to do it all so well.

You always know how to make people smile. Your personality and positive outlook on life is something I really admire in you. You always make everyone feel special.

It is amazing seeing you as your own person. This little human that I grew inside of me, is now on the outside doing amazing things in this world. I love seeing your passions and dreams come true. You may be a teenager, but you inspire me every day.

As a teenager, you’re still an awesome role model to your sisters. They look up to you! You prove every day that you were meant to be their big brother. I love watching you be protective of them and be there for them. Seriously, they are so lucky to have you!


I am super proud of you and everything you are! It may have been a lot of work when you were little, but now you are out there becoming the young man I always hoped you would be. I look forward to your life ahead of you and watch you GO BIG!

Love always, 


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  1. Joyce Brewer says
    Time sure flies. I keep asking our son NOT to get any bigger than six years old. But he's growing every minute. This summer he grew like a weed!
  2. Cheryl Burns says
    What a beautiful family and things like the letter are what makes a family great
  3. Tony Cruz says
    Love your blog, Winona. It's very informative for the whole family and very easy to navigate. Hope to be visiting your blog often. Thank you ?
  4. May Lynn Mahler says
    Children are a blessing and time certainly flies by! Thanks for sharing that! God bless your son in whatever he chooses to do!
  5. Fawn Bowden says
    I've never seen the big pouches, but I think they're a great idea, thanks for sharing!
  6. Bryan Vice says
    Its true what they say kids grow up so fast in a fast paced world i wish it would slow down for a bit lol
  7. Julie Wood says
    What a nice letter to your son. I feel the same way about my son. There is so much fun raising a boy and family is everything!
  8. Christina G. says
    He looks like a fine young man, congrats! Thanks for posting!
    what a sweet story,,i raised one boy and 2 girls,,the boy was so much easier as a teen than the girls
  10. Arlene says
    wishing you all the best (college ) young man
  11. Tammy Kennedy says
    Very nice and heartwarming letter My youngest 2 children son 20 daughter 24 are in college daughter hopefully will graduate with her 4 year degree in December which means she will be coming home(she's 1400 miles one way from home) She has decided to come home for grad/med school My son hopefully will graduate in March/April with his 4 year(he already has his 2 year college diploma) Since he drives 70 miles one way to college I worry daily and he plans on going to law school close to home I tell them I love them and be safe but yeas someday they will be moved away from home like my oldest 2 children I have learned that you still love and miss them and cherish the moments, never let a conversation end without you telling them be safe and you love them
  12. Sarah L says
    A lovely letter from a very proud mama. How did he get to be so tall?
  13. Breanna Pollard says
  14. Jayme Bruce says
    How beautiful! I look at my sweet 5 yr old son and pray that time will just stop! But I know the blessings God has in store for the future, my son might not always take the path I expect but I hope that he will take the path God has for him.
  15. Christi E says
    This is beautiful! I'm sharing with my bestie who has a son about to graduate.
  16. Cynthia says
    You are such a wonderful mother Winona! Your son is very handsome & this was very sweet of you to write!! I'm sure all your kids & grand babies just adore you & love you!

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