Your Not So Average Love Story

Do you ever listen to everyone else’s love story and they seem to have the perfect story? Meeting my husband was the best thing that ever happened to me, but that doesn’t mean it has always been the easiest journey. I like to tell people that we don’t have an average love story. I don’t mean that in a bad way. However, our lives are anything but average. Our love story is special and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I am excited to share with you our love story and the sponsor of this post  James Avery Jewelry.

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Our love is not your average love story. In fact, it is something much more.  When we first met, we were both single parents and previously divorced in our late twenties. We met when online dating was still sort of new. It wasn’t exactly love at first site but God knew what he was doing. You can read about how we first met here.

Fast forward to fifteen years later, and each day is something new. As time goes on, through trials and tribulations, our love continues to grow stronger. Our love story is not your fairy tale book, but in my eyes our love story is a fairy tale to me. It’s the little things in life that make up our “not so average love story.”

We have a wake up early and make the coffee kind of love story

You see, we are working parents. We both wake up early, but one of us has to make the coffee. It’s true. Our love, every day, is shown through coffee making. Sure, it may not sound romantic, but having four children, four grandchildren, and full time jobs means that first cup of coffee feels like pure bliss.

I still look forward to that mid afternoon “check-in” kind of love story

I still get excited and light up when I receive those afternoon “check-ins” or phone calls. It always reminds me of when we were dating. It helps me get through the rest of my day hearing the sound of his voice and telling me he can’t wait to get home. It is the little things like that which make the difficult days seem to go better.

Why my husband does the laundry kind of love story

This arrangement is a bit unique and unheard of for most marriages, but my husband has always done our laundry. When we met, he learned something about me rather quickly. I was terrible at laundry. I remember he first learnt of my laundry habits when we were dating. He was looking for a clean bath towel and I directed him to my closet floor where all the clean laundry sat.  From that point, he took over my laundry very quickly and I am so thankful he did.

husband does my laundry

We are asleep by 9PM on a Friday night kind of love story

Many of you can relate to this love story of ours because yours is probably the same. While I’d like to believe we stay up late every Friday night watching movies and cuddling until dawn, that’s just not us. We’re usually in bed by 9PM because we’re exhausted from the work week. Okay, well maybe I am asleep by 9PM most nights. But you will always find me asleep with my head on his lap. In fact, I never go to bed without him by my side.

We have a “travel” together kind of love story

One thing I do adore about our love story is that we do get to go on adventures together. As kids, we didn’t get to travel often because money was tight. Which is why I love to travel so much now. From camping, cruising, ghost hunting tours, or fancy dinners, this is a special part of our love story. Since I travel a lot with my job, my husband is so supportive of trying new things (like zip-lining), going on new adventures or visiting exciting new places with me. Things don’t always go as planned, but he’s always right by my side supporting me. Most importantly we are making lasting memories together.

We share commitment and faithfulness to each other kind of love story

Through the daily piles of laundry, ritual coffee making, lazy Friday nights, or unexpected new adventures, we share a commitment to one another. This love story of ours is meant to last. Our love story is no perfect story and not your average love story. Which is where these crosslet rings come into play. These crosslet rings from James Avery Jewelry represent our story of love, faith, and commitment.

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James Avery Jewelry

James Avery Jewelry offers pieces of jewelry that are specially designed to represent what is important in life. This family owned business has been around since 1954 and they have a story to share too. I was recently invited for the first time to the James Avery Jewelry Store in Norcross, Georgia.

James Avery, James Avery jewelry, James Avery Valentine's Day collection, James Avery jewelry in Norcross, custom designed jewelry

I loved going into the local James Avery store and checking out their beautiful and timeless jewelry pieces. I especially loved seeing their new Valentine’s Day collection too.  I could see where each piece of jewelry could represent a story in someone’s life.

James Avery, James Avery jewelry, James Avery Valentine's Day collection, James Avery jewelry in Norcross, custom designed jewelry

Seeing all the unique pieces of hand crafted jewelry in person really helped me to narrow down what I was seeking. When I had the chance to choose a piece of jewelry that honored our love story, I fell in love at first sight with the Small Crosslet Rings by James Avery. It’s amazing how different you feel about a piece of jewelry when you’re able to try it on. Which is why the Small Crosslet Rings were a perfect fit for us and described our love story so beautifully.

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These rings represent what is special to me and I knew that my husband and I needed matching sets. They represent our commitment, our faith, and relationship to each other.  These rings are such a perfect way to be reminded of our not so average love story!

Not sure what to purchase for that special someone in your life this Valentine’s Day? May I recommend something that has meaning and represents your story? James Avery Jewelry would be a perfect gift for your loved one.

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 James Avery, James Avery jewelry, James Avery Valentine's Day collection, James Avery jewelry in Norcross, custom designed jewelry, crosslet rings, James Avery crosslet rings


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  1. Our engagement & wedding rings are our most treasured items.
  2. Yevette Denise Parker says:
    Now I want Moe's after watching the youtube plug~
  3. It would have to be my wedding rings. He had sapphires put in the engagement ring and wedding band because I loved the gem so much as it is my birthstone.
  4. Michelle knight says:
    I have my fathers wedding ring I wear on a necklace.
  5. Beth Eaton says:
    A gold bracelet! :)
  6. The promise ring that my now husband gave me 8 years ago is now a part of our wedding rings :)
  7. Our wedding rings are a testament for our love for each other, just as the church is the bride of Christ.
  8. stephen radford says:
    MY wedding ring my grandmother gave me after my pawpaw passed.
  9. becky thackston says:
    I would so love that cross ring for myself....I have been looking for the perfect ring to express my faith
  10. My husband Military ring I love to where it!
  11. Cynthia Stacey says:
    I have my Mom's princess ring which my Dad gave her when they were both teenagers - to go steady. It represents the love that they have for one another!
  12. Michelle Fiorelli says:
    Wonderful story and gives me hope.
  13. Megan Wilson says:
    The heart remembers charm, because we have been through lots of ups and downs, and we keep learning a lot from each other.
  14. Lori Pierce says:
    The Angel Wings and Big Sister Charms touched me the most. I just lost my Big sister to Lung Cancer in August. Love your jewelry line.
  15. tammy studt says:
    A heart necklace that my husband gave me while we were dating.
  16. Bob Morella says:
    I love the "I Love you More charm!!!
  17. Bob Morella says:
    My wife gave me a necklace when we were dating - not fancy but just a really nice necklace and I wear it everyday!! It reminds me of our love in so many ways because she gave it to me when we were hiking in the mountains of NC!
  18. Kwameshia Carter says:
    A charm that I love is my BiG sister charm!. My little sister has one that I gave her. I like that we both have one!
  19. Kwameshia Carter says:
    My boyfriend bought me a joy of my heart charm and put it on a box chain. I travel so it is his way of being with me.

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