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The Ultimate Romantic and Adventurous Getaway in Historic Savannah

The Ultimate Romantic and Adventurous Getaway in Historic Savannah

When trying to think of outside-the-box and unique date night ideas, it can be hard to find those activities that are far and few from what you and your significant other do on your normal date nights.  When my husband and I started talking about different date night ideas that we both wanted to do, the normal options were being talked about…Bowling, eating at our favorite restaurant, checking out the latest movie at the local theater…all done, done, and done. We both were throwing out options, but neither of us was committed to them. We needed something new, something adventurous, something romantic, something that was a little bit out of the ordinary from our typical dates. The more we talked, the more we knew that we needed a weekend date somewhere else. But where exactly? When I think of a romantic destination, I think of Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is such a beautiful and romantic city with so much history to offer. With the help of TripAdvisor, we were able to book some exciting activities for our romantic and adventurous getaway! I am excited to introduce you the sponsor of this post, TripAdvisor. All opinions are my own.

How TripAdvisor Can Help You Plan Your Next Adventure

Although we have visited many times, with the help of TripAdvisor, I knew we could discover something new and exciting to do there, ones that we hadn’t done before. TripAdvisor was user-friendly and did a great job at offering detailed reviews about options along with ease of navigation. Did I mention how simple TripAdvisor truly is to use? Not only was I able to narrow it down to search for everything in one location, they had a “best price” guarantee as well so I knew that the frugal side of me would rest easy knowing that we got the best deal possible for our weekend date adventure. It’s totally simple to use TripAdvisor to book ANY getaway!

How to Use TripAdvisor To Book Your Activities

Booking with TripAdvisor is simple as 1,2,3, right? It truthfully, and actually is. Booking is a complete breeze and a pain-free process. One that I highly recommend for the next time that you travel.

  • Decide if you are needing to book a hotel, a flight, or just something random and fun to do.
  • Put in the location and dates that you are looking to travel.
  • And then, take your pick!

I know that you are wondering what weekend date adventure that we chose to book through TripAdvisor, right? After reading reviews and comparing package and pricing options, we both agreed that a weekend trip to Savannah, Georgia, was just what we needed. Since we weren’t far from the destination, all that we had to worry about was the activities that we wanted to do, and we were able to search those options simply in the “Things to Do” tab on the TripAdvisor website. Who knew that so many options were out there waiting for us to have a romantic weekend together? TripAdvisor gave us so many different options that I’d never noticed before when booking through other websites.  I was able to book with short notice and get a confirmation immediately that our trip was secure and ready to go. Talk about immediate peace of mind!

Ultimate Weekend Date Activities in Savannah, Georgia

savannah, old savannah cotton exchange

Private Horse Drawn Carriage in Savannah

To start our weekend date activities off with a bang, we booked through TripAdvisor with ease on Private Horse Drawn Carriage Tour. What a way to begin our weekend activities in Savannah.


We got to spend a private, 50-minute carriage ride being able to view the historic sites of Savannah and putting our eyes on some of the most beautiful homes  and churches as well. It was the perfect way to get settled quickly by being chauffeured around in a fabulous horse-drawn carriage.

Cathedral of St John Baptist

Segway History Tour of Savannah

Saturday morning started off with a delicious breakfast and plenty of coffee to get us ready to rock and roll for our next adventure, a Segway History Tour of Savannah. Talk about needing to find your balance early in the day! But seriously, if you get the chance to take a ride on a Segway, please do so.

segway tour savannah

The Segway History Tour of Savannah was like nothing I’d ever done before, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It was full of history, laughter and the debate of who was going to be the first to fall over first. (We both survived, FYI!)

Historical Drinking Tour of Savannah

Our weekend date activities were rounded out and ended with a Historical Drinking Tour of Savannah. Wine tasting is the perfect way to end a romantic weekend, right?

mead tasting room, savannahNot only were we able to walk around and sip some of the best wines that Savannah had to offer, it lasted three glorious hours of pure relaxation, touring the beautiful town, and packed with a ton of interesting history as well. We couldn’t have chosen a better end to our weekend date activities in Savannah than with the Historical Drinking Tour. I highly recommend it!


If given the choice to book another weekend getaway with TripAdvisor, I would absolutely,100%. The process was simple, the transaction was easy (next time I may try to book with their mobile app for an even quicker experience!) and the choices that I read reviews on were very helpful! All wins in my book and it also created a win in the ultimate weekend date activity as well!  So head on over to TripAdvisor website and start searching for your next weekend getaway ideas in Savannah or whatever new destination you decide.
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