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The Chattanoogan Hotel Is Truly Special – Chattanooga, TN

The Chattanoogan Hotel Is Truly Special Chattanooga, TN

Wow, what can I say… The Chattanoogan Hotel is truly special. A luxury hotel with magical views of Lookout Mountain and conveniently located in downtown Chattanooga, TN. It is easy to fall head over heels with The Chattanoogan. We took a recent trip to Chattanooga for Christmas and the The Chattanoogan Hotel exceeded all of our expectations. A big thanks to the The Chattanoogan Hotel for hosting my family. I received a complimentary stay to help facilitate my review but as always, all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

The decor was so nice and vibrant, and also decorated so lovely for Christmas.  My family was truly in awe the minute we walked into the lobby.

the Chattanoogan Hotel

When we travel, I love to explore all offered within the accommodations, locally and from a tourist standpoint. The Chattanoogan had it all. It is simply beautiful and located in the heart of downtown Chattanooga with plenty of entertainment options within the hotel.  The staff were all so warm and welcoming.  I really felt as though this was the perfect stay. We were there four days and three night with our baby girls. We checked in on Christmas Day which made it even more special. 

The Perfect Accommodations

We had the perfect accommodations with traveling with my daughters. Yes, we got adjoining rooms! I am just going to be honest about this. These accommodations are a must when traveling as a family. So the children have their own accommodations and the hubby and I can have our own privacy while still being right there.

The Chattanoogan Hotel  

Try getting ready with a shared bathroom with three girls! It can get pretty hectic. We had the luxury of having two bathrooms and it worked out nicely. It is truly a logical preference when traveling and it is often very affordable compared to a two bedroom suite.


Location, Location, Location

When you come to Chattanooga, you come for the beautiful views of Lookout Mountain, the downtown attractions, as well as our favorite Tennessee Aquarium. Most important you want to stay somewhere that is in the heart of everything. The Chattanoogan Hotel offers just that. It is in the perfect location and within walking distance to dining, shopping and even a shuttle!

The Really Awesome Valet

This really awesome valet won my hubby over from the beginning. Rarely do we select valet service as a family because when he is present he lets the girls and I out at the door, and then he self-parks. Well, we chose valet service during our stay and it was the best decision we made.  From the moment you pull up, the bellhops are there to greet you and make sure your luggage and things are properly delivered to your room. They park your car for you and take the stress out of your vacation.

The Amazing Indoor Pool

We were thrilled when we discovered The Chattanoogan offered an indoor pool. My girls thought it was pretty cool to be able to swim when it was cold outside. We enjoyed the pool every single night!  The lighting set the mood just right. With glass windows from floor to ceiling, mini palm trees around the pool, you truly felt you were in your own oasis. During the day you can enjoy the beautiful views of The Lookout Mountain just right outside.  


The Cutest Coffee Shop

Strouds Sidewalk Cafe

Our rooms had a Keurig which was a nice touch, but there is nothing liking having coffee in a cute and cozy cafe. We had coffee at Stroud’s Sidewalk Cafe every morning and loved it. This cafe is loaded with Southern charm and offers really delicious & fresh coffee. The ladies are super friendly and they make your coffee or cappuccinos just the way you like them. Of course, my girls enjoyed their hot chocolate. They serve delicious sandwiches, salads, soups and even desserts too! 

The Tasty Broad Street Grille

The Chattanoogan Hotel

The Broad Street Grille Is definitely a restaurant you’ll want to dine at. This was some of the “yummiest” as my baby said and it was really tasty.  Chef Roe and his dynamic team do not disappoint. They roll out the red carpet everyday and present a regional favorite plus present an awesome kids meal and fixings. I am a steak and potatoes kind of girl so I had the NY Strip- which was out of this world.

My husband had the Pan Seared Salmon Fillet and Red Pepper Risotta.   

the chattanoogan hotel broad street grille

My sister-in-law had this beautiful Caesar salad paired nicely with this Shrimp Creole.

Broad Street Grille Chattanoogan

Broad Street Grille Chattanoogan

The breakfast options at the Broad Street Grille were absolutely perfect. They serve breakfast buffet style with your choice of freshly made omelets with all the fixings. We have some unique eaters and they nailed it with their selection.

The Chattanoogan Hotel

The dining options and menu selection at Broad Street Grille is outstanding!

The Chattanoogan was truly special and yes we will be back to again to experience the spa. I would highly recommend The Chattanoogan for a getaway, retreat, family vacation or romantic trip. It is perfect in so many ways.

chattanoogan hotel

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Visit The Chattanoogan Hotel website and tell me one thing you would love about staying here.



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  1. Rosanne says
    I'd like to stay there first of all because of that great bathroom. I'd also like to dine @ the Broad Street Grille
    1. John Thierwechter says
      Dining by that beautiful outdoor fire pit!!! And The NY Strip looks amazimg!
  2. Susan Smith says
    I'd love to try the Spa. It looks so relaxing.
  3. Christie says
    I love everything about it. The pictures scream fun, relaxation and comfort.
  4. Ann Fantom says
    I would like to eat at the Broad Street Grille and The Foundry while staying at The Chattanoogan Hotel
  5. Peter G says
    DOWNTOWN CHATTANOOGA EVENT SPACE would be great for a start up company to show their wares.
  6. Margaret Smith says
    Love the location, so much to do around the hotel. The rooms look so beautiful.
  7. harolde says
    I would love the spa where you can RENEW YOUR BODY & MIND
  8. Mary Cooper says
    I actually stayed at The Chattanoogan in 2015 during a state convention. I had no idea there were so many amenities! I want to go back and enjoy it all!
  9. Laurie Emerson says
    I would love to try out their spa. It looks so relaxing.
  10. Trisha McKee says
    Oh, I love that it has a spa, and that it is in the middle of everything happening in town.
  11. Denise Donaldson says
    I would love the Spa! :)
  12. Brittney House says
    I would love to try out the breakfast buffet. I love buffets. haha
  13. Sarah L says
    I'd love the food. Thanks for the contest.
  14. Joseph Fleming says
    Appears to be warm, comfortable and upscale at the same time.
  15. Adrienne Gordon says
    The outdoor things to do like whitewater rafting.
  16. Lisa Brown says
    The food and/or dining sounds great.
  17. Michelle Hill says
    The Broad Street Grille Dinner Experience sounds great!
  18. Jaclyn Reynolds says
    Would love to be close to all the city attractions! We never stayed there before. :)
  19. mami2jcn says
    I love the shrimp creole at the Broad Street Grille.
  20. Debbi Wellenstein says
    The rooms look lovely,and it is a bonus to be staying right downtown.
  21. Christy G. says
    One thing I would love about staying at the hotel are the spa specials. Thanks for the giveaway!
  22. Mary Cloud says
    I like that the hotel has an indoor pool
  23. Vanessa says
    What a great giveaway! This a great "stay-cation" idea, especially since it's not too far from Knoxville. Great photos! I've been to Chattanooga many times, but never "vacationed" there. It looks like a wonderful hotel and I'm glad you had a great experience.
  24. Nancy Bowers says
    I would love the indoor pool with fantastic view.
  25. katherine Persons says
    LOVE THE VIEW of Lookout Mountain
  26. Cheryl says
    I would love the full-service spa.
  27. Tiffany Banks says
    I would love to go to the spa!! It looks so relaxing
  28. Ashley M says
    Everything looks lovely, from the pool to the food! Thank you for the chance to win <3
  29. julie says
    I'd most love to get in the spa
  30. Claire McKeon says
    The Foundry Restaurant seems like a great place to eat! I am all about food!
  31. Brooke Allen says
    The rooms look beautiful. Plus there's a pool! Sorry that last post messed up. Please don't allow it to go through moderation. :-)
  32. Laura says
    The spa and dining rooms sound amazing!
  33. Kristyn Martin says
    I would love to try out the spa.
  34. elizabeth says
    I would love the coffee shop and the spa services
  35. Shannon Kirby says
    the spa
  36. Angie Fiack says
    I'd love to try the Broad Street Grille! The food looks yummy.
  37. Carla W says
    I didn't see anything I wouldn't like about it. I would love it ALL.
  38. Denise Higgins says
    Would luv to try out the spa
  39. patrick jones says
    The Broad Street Grille looks nice!
  40. Amanda Bruenger says
    I would love to go to the spa!
  41. Jenny Q. says
    I like the location and the things to do in the area, but the spa would be great to try out.
  42. T says
    Looks great. Must be a nice time.
  43. Anita Mitchell says
    I'd love to go. The rooms and coffee shop look amazing! <3 #chattanooganhotel
  44. John Joseph says
    The indoor pool and spa would be what I love and not having to worry about any weather.
  45. Arionna Stanley says
    Hi, That hotel looks amazing. You won over by mentioning buffet because nothing gives me more joy then wearing elastic band pants for more eating.
  46. Kathy says
    The reason I would like to stay there to many things to name it all, the indoor pool spectacular view great food the hotel so beautiful the room it's so inviting
  47. Michelle S. says
    The full service spa seems wonderful!
  48. Ted Lindquist says
    I love the location.
  49. Arlene Mccurdy says
    i wold love dinning
  50. Mary Casillas says
    Everything looks so clean and inviting, I'd love to stay here!
  51. Mary Casillas says
    Everything looks so clean and inviting, I'd love to relax here!
  52. Terri Ingham-Bollin says
    The Spa for me and the pool for my hubby look amazing
  53. sheila ressel says
    I would love staying there and taking advantage of the wonderful spa! How relaxing that would be.
  54. Vickie Blankenship says
    The pool and spa look wonderful! Would love to visit.
  55. Mindi Eden says
    The view, the food, & the spa! How can I pick? I love all of them! Thanks!
  56. Kristin Jones says
    The spa sounds nice and relaxing. The dining looks delicious too!
  57. Annmarie W. says
    I love that it's in the heart of the I'm sure we could walk to fun places! And their pool looks amazing!
  58. sarah says
    My kids would love that they have a pool!
  59. Jean says
    I would love a getaway to experience the wonderful indoor pool!
  60. Kathy C says
    I love that they have an outdoor fire pit to enjoy!
  61. carol n says
    The restaurants and food sound amazing
  62. Melissa Adams says
    What a gorgeous place! I love the retro feel. I hope to get there one of these days.
  63. Catherine Bradford says
    The indoor pool
  64. alisha eiler says
    I would love the spa and coffee shop
  65. Amy doerfler says
    The pool looks fun!
  66. cylina williams says
    Looks like a nice place to stay with easy access to the city
  67. Steve Sassman says
    Love the spa treatment
  68. Amanda D says
    The location is the first thing that caught my eye, the interior design is amazing, it looks so cozy and inviting! Perfect for a family trip, a girls getaway, or a romantic stay! I would love to visit!
  69. MargiePapetti says
    I would love to try one of the Spa packages in the hotel.
  70. Janice Cooper says
    I love the location and the mountain views! The rooms sound fabulous!
  71. Stephanie Fredrick says
    It looks so warm and inviting! The pool is awesome!
  72. rhonda miotke says
    The food looks amazing and that bed!
  73. PATRICA PRICE says
    I love the luxury.
  74. Shirley says
    I would be thrilled to stay, sleep in a comfortable bed, eat descent food and a HOT shower!
  75. Julia Davis says
    The indoor pool
  76. Sondra Wilkerson says
    Looks wonderful!!
  77. Jamie T says
    I would love to stay here for all the amentities. There is something for my entire family. Could use some quality time with my son.
  78. Janice Dean says
    I would love to spend some time in the pool there!
  79. Nancy says
    My kids would love that giant aquarium wall. They could spend forever there.
  80. dennis says
    this place would be awesome to stay at, pool looks very inviting
  81. Djuana says
    Would love to check out the spa and visit the surrounding attractions.
  82. Michelle L Jones says
    Beautiful everything! Pool, Bed, Food look fabulous!
  83. Carolyn Daley says
    I love that the hotel is near many local attractions including the Tennessee Aquarium and Ruby Falls. The hotel looks spacious and beautiful.
  84. Wilma P says
    Where to begin. I would love the luxurious accommodations, a nice restaurant on site with good food, indoor pool plus a central location.
  85. Soha Molina says
    I would love the spa.
  86. Brittney Hixson says
    New follower here!! I would love the spa of course! But the whole Hotel looks like you would have a relaxing experience! Thanks for having this giveaway!
  87. Cheryl brown says
    I would love to try the spa and the restaurant.
  88. Wallace says
    I would love that New York Strip or the Filet Mignon.
  89. annette fisher says
    The spa, indoor pool, dinning, and walking down town.
  90. Carol Johnson says
    I'd like to be sitting on the patio enjoying that fire.
  91. Marci says
    I like the Spa
  92. Gal Colleen says
    I love the location of the hotel being close to all the big cities but yet far enough to enjoy the country smaller size town
  93. annette campbell says
    I love that it looks modern but yet it feels cozy. Love the fireplace with pillow to sit by the fire
  94. Sohair says
    I love the spacious rooms and it looks like fun there
  95. Valerie Parker Thurman says
    I'd like to visit and try the restaurant
  96. Isabella Tugman says
    The spa! A massage sounds great right about now
  97. Lesia Hanks says
    I would love to visit here. The last time I was in Chattanooga, I stayed in a rather pitiful place. Your hotel is beautiful!
  98. Lisa Coomer Queen says
    I would love the spa! Very nice hotel! Thanks!
  99. Sherry Lilly says
    How close the hotel is to down town area
  100. Crystal Rogers Walker says
    Since Chattanooga is my hometown, I love the Spa Experience and the Broad Street Grille this is the best hotel ever and I would highly recommend it to anyone
  101. John kennedy says
    FOOD looks great-- have friends in the area to visit-- a great place to meet and eat...
  102. Tammy says
    Would definitely love to try out that amazing looking food!
  103. Tiffany S says
    I would love to try the spa they have.
  104. Brenda Faulkner says
    The location and the indoor pool!
  105. Donna Smith says
    I would love to get a spa treatment there.
  106. Elizabeth Goodsell says
    Looks like a cozy hotel and the food looks delicious!
  107. Lindsay Fairbrother-Henige says
    Beautiful hotel, and food looks awesome!
  108. Pam Walters says
    I love the warmth of the rooms and the indoor pool.
  109. Paula Carlson says
    Sounds fantastic! We've never been to that area, but it is a place we'd love to visit.
  110. Pat S says
  111. dong huang says
    looks like nice place to visit
  112. Donny says
  113. geneva journigan says
    it is such a beautiful place! would love the food and looks to be very comfortable!
  114. Cheryl Johnson says
    The food looks fabulous
  115. Dee Parker says
    You mean besides the fact that it is in beautiful Chattanooga?! I like that it is walking distance to the aquarium and the museums downtown.
  116. Helen Stockwell says
    In addition to leaving my state, thd spa services look relaxing and exquisite.
  117. Lisa Chesnut says
    I love that they have on site food options. Sometimes I just don't want to leave the hotel to eat.
  118. sandra says
  119. Jean Millsap says
    I would really love the pool, the juxtaposition of the cold outside and warm inside!
  120. Janine McNally says
    I want to try the spa! Awesome!
  121. Sheila V. says
    After enjoying the pool & fitness activities, I would love to eat at the restaurants!
  122. Diane Lansing says
    I would like to try out the Chocolate Mask in the spa!
  123. Tracie Cooper says
    I would love to try the Broad Street Grille and the spa services.
  124. Richard Martin says
    The food looks Amazing!
  125. foofo says
    Looks like a really nice hotel! I would love to take advantage of that bonfire!
  126. Jess Lundgren says
    The spa looks amazing.
  127. Noelle Carroll says
    Looks like a paradise, would love to enjoy the spa
  128. Susan Stickney says
    Breakfast at the Broad Street Grille
  129. Erin A Gary says
    I would enjoy a day at the spa and a nice relaxing end of the day in one of mountain view luxury suites....ooh I already feel relaxed.
  130. Ina Gribbins says
    I love to sample the food no matter where I go and this food looks amazing!
  131. Lesley F says
    My family stayed here and we loved it. It's beautiful and so relaxing
  132. Christi E says
    The Spa amenities sound amazing, especially the Chattanoogan Signature Massage!
  133. Shawna OBrien says
    I would love getting pampered at the full-service spa!
  134. Katy Faber says
    I cherish the fact there is luxury blended with southern hospitality! I would love to be pampered with the finest gourmet, relaxing massages, and the warmth of a cozy room. Sign me up!!
  135. Anastasia says
    One thing I'd love would be the rooms!! They look so comfy and relaxing :)
  136. Julie Clement says
    I would love to go to the Chattanoogan for our 23rd anniversary this year. Thank you for sharing your experience. The spa looks like something we would both enjoy.
  137. Leigh Law says
    Beautiful spa luxury inside, but right downtown! Perfect! Spend the day exploring and come back to the spa to relax!
  138. Natalie says
    My favorite amenity at this hotel is the fitness Center with cardio equipment, indoor pool, locker rooms, steam and sauna rooms.
  139. Brigitte Bauman says
    I would love the opportunity to check out the Broad Street Grille Dinner Experience at the Chattanooga Hotel.
  140. Monique Hanson-Keeler says
    The pool looks amazing and the beds look so comfortable!
  141. Abbey Kessman says
    I would love having a drink by the fire!
  142. Leni says
    I love the aquarium
  143. Candace Galan says
    I would definitely love the food! I am such a foodie!
  144. Emma Cox says
    The view sounds lovely.
  145. Charles Pizar says
    We would love the spa.
  146. Jennifer L says
    It is very luxurious! i like the spa, i could use a relaxing massage!
  147. Denice D. says
    I believe the Southside Experience would be nice, but I also seen the Spa specials
  148. Regina M Davis says
    I love the rooms and the romance packages.
  149. Celeste Herrin says
    I would love to visit around Christmas time. It looks like the perfect setting to Relax Inn. The indoor pool would be a big hit with my family! I personally love the lobby! :)
  150. Shannon K says
    I would love to visit the spa.
  151. Michelle Levine says
    I would love to pamper myself in the spa.
  152. Linda Gazdik says
    I would love to try the Broad Street Grille and the view of Lookout Mountain. Everything looks great!!
  153. Mita says
    I would like the indoor pool.
  154. susan smoaks says
    i would like to eat at the grille.
  155. Bob Lemeshka says
    [email protected] I will take a river cruise.
  156. mandi smith says
    I would love the open air courtyard brings a sense of nature to the hotel, th elocal area attractions, and the loacl dining.
  157. latoya says
    They have some great spa services available there...I would love the rock city ritual.
  158. Deborah Cochran says
    I love the bed and breakfast package the hotel offers - nothing like feeling pampered away from home!
  159. connie danelson says
    I would love the Broad street grille
  160. Ingrid Jackson says
    The place is beautiful, I would enjoy their Spa and their luxury rooms.
  161. Stephanie Larison says
    I'd love to visit and go whitewater rafting since that is nearby. I think that would be a blast!
  162. Lisa Walinski says
    By the looks of the site, I think I'd like everything, from the rooms to the spa, the indoor pool!! Pick me please!!
  163. Lisa V. says
    There are so many things to see and do around the hotel.
  164. Fawn Bowden says
    Everything looks great, but the location sounds ideal and the food there looks wonderful!
  165. Jon Heil says
    Vacation would be nice, sweep gods lets wake up this is needed and more cash!
  166. Teresa says
    I've never been to Chattanooga so I love that the hotel is located in the heart of downtown, making it easy to be a tourist.
  167. kim hardy says
    I like the spa relaxing
  168. LynneMarie says
    I would love the lunch buffet at the Broad Street Grille. What a bargain at only $13!
  169. melissa Resnick says
    the spas look like heaven
  170. Aaron says
    I would most enjoy the Broad Street Grille and the downtown location.
  171. stephanie scales campbell says
    i love that its located near all the fun local activities
  172. Janice Gabriel says
    I would enjoy the spa services.
  173. Tracie Vandermeulen says
    I would love the spa!
  174. Stephanie Phelps says
    I love that Each night you decline housekeeping services (day of departure excluded), you will earn a $5 voucher to our participating food and beverage outlets
  175. Jennifer P says
    The pool!!
  176. Gloria Luongo says
    The ambiance. And the dining.

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